Paris Berelc Image Credit: Runway
Paris Berelc Image Credit: Runway

Paris Berelc

Paris Berelc.

You looked great today, what is was your favorite look?

My favorite look was definitely the pink gown. It is so beautiful and I just could not stop twirling in it. I wore a gold flower crown with it and I literally felt like a princess. I never get to wear things like that. I don’t even think I own anything pink.

What designers do you shop?

My favorite place to shop is Topshop. They always seem to have what I’m looking for. They include so many different types of looks in their line. It can go from edgy to girly to vintage. I love that because I get to try new looks and styles normally don’t wear. But some designers I love are Zac Posen, Ellie Saab, and Versace. They can be bold but elegant at the same time.

Whats your thoughts on shoes?

I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed with shoes but they are important part of a look for me haha. Shoes are the last part of your outfit that can really complete it. If I put an outfit together and don’t have a pair of shoes to go with it, I have to change my outfit.

Tell us more about Lab Rats and your character on the show.

Lab Rats: Elite Force is about a group of teenage superheroes and bionics. We go on missions and help save the world. All our powers together make us one of the most powerful force. My character is Skylar Storm. She just regained her 24 powers so it’s a lot of fun to have all of these incredible abilities. I don’t even know what all of them are. A few of them are flying, heat vision, and I can shoot lightning out of my hand. I love the fact that years from now wh

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