Shopping Centre News
Special Events In Malls Image Credit: Shopping Centre News
Special Events In Malls Image Credit: Shopping Centre News

Special Events In Malls

Shopping Centre News brings you a detailed look at some of the most engaging mall activities across the country.

Express Avenue Celebrates World Photography Day Express Avenue celebrated World Photography Day by inviting entries for ‘An Ode To Water’ through Instagram that cherish the element of water and draw awareness to its sheer beauty and importance. This was a contest without a prize, at least not in the conventional sense. Every photograph submitted for the contest was a pledge to support and a winning contribution to the cause. The contest garnered more than 2,000 entries from all over India. 50 photographs from these entries were shortlisted and were prepped to be exhibited at Express Avenue starting from August 16 to culminate on World Photography Day, August 19.

“Speaking on the success of the exhibition, LLA Founder and leading photographer Iqbal Mohamed said, “In the thousands of entries we received, I could see the immense passion of photographers from all over India who have participated so enthusiastically to shoot for a cause. People who have seen the exhibition so far have been excited about how differently, and in such varied ways, water was captured and with so much positivity.”

Alongside the exhibition, LLA ran an activity for children at Express Avenue on August 18. An interactive game in which the participants became ‘Water Heroes’ who found new recruits

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