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Shahnawaz Nayyer Image Credit: Salon International
Shahnawaz Nayyer Image Credit: Salon International

Shahnawaz Nayyer

Lesson in Leadership Shahnawaz Nayyer, CEO Hair Pro Division and Chief Executive Advisor, Proline Group carries a glorious legacy of 20 years spent well in developing India’s hair industry. With Salon India, he shares his vision for the group, philosophy and plans for the brands.

Please share with us your professional background.

I kickstarted my career in the beauty business in 1997, almost 20 years ago. I joined Wella Professionals in 2000 as a front line Sales Consultant, and was with them for 17 years. I witnessed all the changes in the company right from JL Morison to P&G and then Coty. I left the organisation in 2017, as Director Sales for India and subcontinent, to pursue different interests and goals. After one and a half years of gap I have joined Proline Group.

What was the inspiration behind joining the group?

Kapil Kumar is a visionary and the real founder of the industry. He had the foresight to look ahead and do tremendous work at a time when India was not ready for it. A person who has a vision of the future and the eye for the right brand, is the best person to work with. Most importantly, Kapil has a completely different outlook towards doing business and even the market. Despite difficulties and challenges, he dares to do things when others are only testing the waters, and emerges victorious. I always wanted a mentor who could guide me to become a visionary. One can be a good strategic manager, but to become a visionary, one needs a different type of mentorship. Even today, he can visualise the status of the industry ve to ten years from now. Back then, he ushered in hair brushes, colour, skin care products, make-up, tools, and more, and is instrumental in

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