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Haircare Styling Beauty Image Credit: The Finder Singapore
Haircare Styling Beauty Image Credit: The Finder Singapore

What To Ask Your Stylist

…before he or she cuts your hair, especially if you’re thinking about going short.

Joyce Cheo

What’s My Hair Texture?

Perhaps the most important trait to ascertain, your hair texture plays a large part in determining the best hair length for you. For those with fi ne hair, your strands can keep weighed down and fl at if you keep it long. However, if you keep it short, it allows your stylist to add strategic layers to give your hair more volume. As for those with thick and coarse hair, the texture might work against you if you cut it short, as it can become even more prone to frizziness.

How Healthy is My Hair?

If your ends are dry, split or wiry, it’s best to snip them off and go for a shorter look, so your hair looks its healthiest. Also, avoid styles that are uniform in length if your hair isn’t in tip-top condition. Opt for styles that are layered, so your hair looks textured rather than frazzled.

What’s My Face Shape?

Rules of thumb: Those with an angular jawline should avoid bob styles that end at the chin as it can accentuate the strong angles of your face. Round face? Try side-swept bangs and wispy ends when considering a pixie cut so that your features are balanced out.

How Often Will I Need a Trim?

Maintenance is another key factor when contemplating going short. Short pixie crops usually require trims every four to six weeks to maintain the shape. On the other hand, you do not need to get trims as frequently for bobs and

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