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Arthi Venkatesh A Heroine Is Born Image Credit: Women Exclusive
Arthi Venkatesh A Heroine Is Born Image Credit: Women Exclusive

Arthi Venkatesh A Heroine Is Born

Arthi Venkatesh is not a name that many people know but her face, most people will instantly connect with, across south india and even in the middle east. Her beautiful eyes and elegance has been the strength of many advertisement campaigns for most of the in style sarees and jewellery brands. In the november of 2016, all of us were pleasantly surprised when she announced her debut film with the director bejoy nambiar, starring along dulquer salman. We magazine would like to introduce to our readers, a beauty who is going to invade our hearts and minds.

Rahul Dev


I was born in Chennai and lived here all my life. I am from a Telugu family, Hyderabad. During school, my looks were far away from what I look like today. I was chubby and bubbly and all my teachers used to be after me for not studying. Being in a girl’s school, I have a set of friends who are still my pillars of strength. I was never much into arts and was forced into basket ball due to my tallness, but enjoyed playing tennis. I was also very shy and had stage fright and it is hard to believe how I walk the ramp now and conduct speeches eloquently. I am quite comfortable before the camera right now. I feel like that shy girl in school was someone else.


From an all girls atmosphere, walking into Loyola essentially was life changing. For the first time in my life, I made friends with the ‘boys’. It also helped me free myself from the insecurities that follow women. When I completed graduation in visual communication, my perspective got widened with arts. I became interested in colours and patterns. I started observing people, their habit and later it became my inspiration to pursue interior design.


After college, I signed up for an Interior design course at IFDA, Bangalore. It was a very liberating experience. While I was extremely busy with the course and its assignments, I found that it was also a lot of fun. I was away from home for the first time and it was beyond my regular comfort zone. Though I did do a lot of Bangalore things, I really didn’t make a lot of friends. I was a brat in Bangalore and I did thin

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