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The Organic Beauty Image Credit: Shape Malaysia
The Organic Beauty Image Credit: Shape Malaysia

The Organic Beauty

The 44-year-old mother of two teenage girls and founder of By Lena, Lena Yu started her organic beauty and skincare line 15 years ago when her daughter suffered from severe eczema.

Sophia Ivy Jo

Since then, Lena has come a long way in her passion for natural products and sustainable lifestyle. “I believe that when people take small steps, be it in the recycling or reusing sector, we will have greener environment and a better place to live,” she says. Her products use recyclable materials for packaging. She tells us more.

Tell us more about ByLena

“18 years ago, I discovered that my daughter had severe eczema. We visited countless medical specialists for two and a half years, and that was without much improvement. I saw my daughter suffer from steroid medications so I decided to do a research on natural and organic products for her. I began by mixing organic base oils with various essential oils, making my own natural household products. From there, I learnt cold process soak-making. When my daughter’s condition improved, I started to advance my knowledge by learning aromatherapy and making organic skincare. That is how By Lena was then created.”

Your favourite product?

“My favourite will be the Hydrating Serum. This wonderful serum helps to smoothen fine lines while it brightens, restores moisture and elasticity to the skin.”

Your beauty goals?

“My beauty goal is to age gracefully, just like my idol, Yasmina Rossi. In order to achieve that, I must maintain a balance, healthy and natural lifestyle.”

Your best b

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