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Latent Market in India for Nutraceuticals Image Credit: Nuffoods Spectrum
Latent Market in India for Nutraceuticals Image Credit: Nuffoods Spectrum

Latent Market in India for Nutraceuticals

India is one of the nations across the globe where the market of nutra-ceuticals and dietary supplements is growing enormously. Nutraceuticals and dietary supplements are sold in India under the name of Fast Moving Healthcare Goods.

Sanjay Agrawal

Nutraceutical ingredients are nutrient rich components that have beneficial medicinal qualities, which improve human health and provide prevention from diseases. The nutrition value of traditional foods increases with addition of nutraceutical ingredients. Nutraceutical ingredients are used in cosmetics, dietary supplements, food and beverages on a wide range. Medicinal properties of nutraceuticals are used in health beneficial products.

The rapid advances in science and technology, increasing healthcare costs, fast changing lifestyle, ageing population and rising interest in attaining wellness through diet are fuelling the interest in nutraceuticals. Today, it is one of the fastest growing segments of food industry and is already becoming a crucial part of the diet. With the growing popularity among consumers, the nutraceutical market is expected to double in the coming years. Nutraceuticals today has become one of the booming markets in India with fast moving health goods, over the counter, and fast moving consumer goods companies jumping into the bandwagon.

The nutraceuticals sector is a dynamic, evolving sector that offers exciting opportunities to merge scientific discovery with growing consumer interest in health-enhancing foods. Nutraceuticals will continue to have great appeal because they are convenient for today’s lifestyle. The greatest challenge still remains in the public policy and regulatory areas, which will encourage research and developm

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