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6 Innovative Ideas To Get Your Small Business Noticed Immediately

Kickstarting a business is tough and getting it noticed is tougher! It requires the right marketing strategy and exposure to multiple media platforms. When we talk about media coverage the most traditional ones include TV, paper, and magazines. When you opt for TV, air time is not cheap, or easy to get access.

Mamta Sharma

Being a small business can you afford a Super Bowl ad? The fact today is, you do not have to have that Super Bowl ad to get noticed. You could hire an agency for the same or can also opt or the PR firm, or deploy a local production house to create videos and make it viral.

For all these, you require really creative, bold and inventive ideas. Here are 6 great yet simple ideas that can get your small business noticed. You should customize them to align with your business model.

Break Rules Yes, often businesses follow the same suit as others. This is the biggest mistake you make while promoting your business. When you see what they did and how successful they became, you follow the same. Do study your competitors but do not imitate them. So, how to get noticed? Of course, it depends on your business type also. If you are selling ACs and in peak season when every AC sellers raise their prices, you could drop yours. This will not only get your small business noticed but it will also get you some loyal customers as well. It will help you establish as a business who cares about the customer.

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May 2019