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BROWZ Magazine features up and coming female models as well as celebrities. It also features editorials that cover a multitude of topics you might overhear discussed in a typical Man-cave. You know -- Fast cars, Action flicks, beer, the spiciest cheeseburger ever made; Stuff like that. Basically similar to Maxim Magazine, but more expensive. The IS and ISN'Ts: What this Mag is: Beautiful Girls, Humor, Movies (action, horror, war,etc.), Music, Sports, Speed, Tech, Beer (spirits too), Tattoos and much, much, more! What this Mag is not: Porn, Soap Operas, Beauty Secrets, Self Improvement, home improvement (in a girlish sort of way anyway), floral settings, fashion, Celeb Gossip, etc. MODELS/PHOTOGRAPHERS/WRITERS/ARTISTS, SUBMIT HERE: If you have pressing questions or feedback, you can contact is directly at: browzmag(at) Enjoy!