General Aviation Security - June 2018

Publisher: Planehook Aviation Services, LLC
Category: Flying & Aviation, Technology
Language: English
Frequency : Quarterly

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Airshow Extravaganza. 2018 Wings Over South Texas Airshow—we cover the airshow extraordinaire held at NAS Kingsville. See the airshow as we did—front and center row in 360-degree HD video. Flight instructors! Our staff instructor pilot shows why teaching student pilots to fly airport-to-airport mitigates in-flight emergency risk AND is economical. While there are pilots who fly looking for the $100 hamburger, here in Texas it’s BBQ that’s king! We do a little I-Fly-Roads flying in Central Texas and find two places where the smoked meats and sides are “Good Enough to Make a Pilot Land!” For professional drone flyers in the United States, we look at how a Part 107 remote pilot maintains their 24-month currency. Finally, while Aleca King is on summer holiday, we reprint her renowned poem "From the World I’ve Learned" and give it fresh visuals. All this and more in the June 2018 edition of General Aviation Security. Here’s a heads-up! We’re going virtual, virtual reality, that is. Our upcoming September 2018 edition will be available as a totally VR experience. We’ll let you know how to get your copy soon! Celebrate our 8th anniversary with us by immersing yourself in our articles.

The world's authority on protecting general aviation, General Aviation Security examines the issues and stories dealing with private and corporate aviation, private and general aviation airports, the aviators who fly the aircraft, the mechanics who keep the aircraft flying, and the infrastructures and industries that support general aviation.

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