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We’ve managed to stuff an entire short novel by Kristine Kathryn Rusch into our May/June 2017 issue. “The Runabout” finds the always-intrepid Boss and her team salvaging Dignity Vessels in the Boneyard. Apparently abandoned by the mysterious Fleet thousands of years earlier, this graveyard is rich with ships carrying the powerful anacapa drive. The drive allows faster than light travel and, some think, it may also provide a method for traveling through time. One small runabout could hold an answer, but exploring the ship will be extremely dangerous. Success isn’t guaranteed, and searching the runabout may not be worth the terrible toll it could take on Boss and her crew. Don’t miss this thrilling tale. Karen Joy Fowler returns to Asimov’s with an eerie story about “Persephone of the Crows”; an intriguing series concerning pilgrims by James Gunn begins with “The Escape of the Adastra: Asha’s Story”; Peter Wood drolly wonders if we’re “Tired of the Same Old Quests”; while Dale Bailey invites some troubled young people to “Come As You Are”; William Preston suggests we watch an alarmingly “Good Show”; Leah Cypess conducts a chilling investigation of life “On the Ship”; Jay O’Connell introduces us to “The Best Man”; the repercussions of genetic engineering are examined in Ian McHugh’s “Triceratops”; and in “Night Fever,” Will Ludwigsen offers us a deeply disturbing alternate-history depiction of the seventies. Robert Silverberg’s Reflections column updates us with “Advertisments for Myself”; James Patrick Kelly’s On the Net compares “Harry and Dot”; Norman Spinrad’s On Books warns of “Wolockification”; plus we’ll have an array of poetry and other features you’re sure to enjoy.

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