The Digest Enthusiast - January 2016

Publisher: Larque Press LLC
Category: Fiction, Entertainment
Language: English
Frequency : Half-yearly

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Interview: Heather Jacobs (Big Fiction) Profile: Timothy Green Beckley (Fate, Beyond, etc.) Articles: Beyond magazine, Super-Science Fiction, Diabolik, Dashiell Hammett digests, Gunsmoke and Dope Fiends trading cards Reviews: Weasels Ripped My Flesh!, Where Stories Dwell, The Man from Mars, The Executioner: Border Offensive, A Blonde for Murder, Popular Fiction Periodicals, Betty Fedora #2, Paperback Parade #89, Manhunt Dec. 1953, Children's Digest Spring 1972, and Fate #727 Fiction: Ron Fortier, Gary Lovisi and Joe Wehrle, Jr. Plus: Editor's Notes, digest indexes, social media round-up, cartoons and more

Explore the world of digest magazines, past and present, through interviews, articles, reviews and genre fiction.

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