The Independent Review - Spring 2018

Publisher: Independent Institute
Category: News, Politics
Language: English
Frequency : Quarterly
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The Independent Review is the acclaimed interdisciplinary journal devoted to the study of political economy and the critical analysis of government policy. The Independent Review is thoroughly researched, peer-reviewed, and based on scholarship of the highest caliber. However, unlike so many other journals, it is also provocative, lucid, and written in an engaging style. Ranging across the fields of economics, political science, law, history, philosophy, and sociology, The Independent Review boldly challenges the politicization and bureaucratization of our world, featuring in-depth examinations of past, present, and future policy issues by some of the world's leading scholars and experts. Undaunted and uncompromising, this is the journal that is pioneering future debate!

Blockchain innovations such as Bitcoin can foster peer-to-peer trust without the need for a third-party enforcer, including private alternatives to traditional government services. Also in this issue: Rise of the regulatory state and the decline of markets for blood. Government incentives gone wrong. Wicksell’s influence on Buchanan and public choice economics. Is support for capitalism declining around the world? The forgotten man (and woman) on the fiscal commons. Fundamental problems with Piketty’s ‘Capital in the Twenty-First Century’. Forgotten lessons of great economists. Ideology and political divisiveness. Book review topics: The case against cash. Life in the Soviet police state. American bureaucracy. How employers rule our lives. Taxpayer pride. Political economy of public debt. Government insiders vs. the public interest.

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