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Logic Magazine is a comprehensive resource for conserving and proffering life's most connecting resource, Music (Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B, PBR&B, Electronic Dance Music) Culture, Lifestyle and inspiration in the most Hybrid way. All-Embracing ideas and content that is informative, fresh, easy-to-follow, which appeal to passionate minds ranging from early adults (17) to early baby boomers (55). Articles guide the readers how to follow and understand changes in music culture, offering ways/tips on self improvement and advice on marketing, recording, and breaking into the industry. A variety of content, graphs, quotes, and insights are introduced so you can decide what to apply to your world. As a extra bonus, each issue includes "The Eye", "Rev-Up", and "Hustle and Grind Report" all ready to provide you a new spark to your life or business. With LOGIC as a tool, music connoisseur, promoters, innovative people, nightlife goers, independent and mainstream artists, music students, music A&R, teenagers, internet lovers, music executives, the casual consumer and all the amazing moments of entertainment come alive, for now and generation to come.