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Publisher: Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education
Category: Culture, Education
Language: English
Frequency : 11 Issues/Year

01/26/2015 Financing a College Education. Visit our webpage for a daily update on the Hispanic in Higher Education World Find a job in Higher Education. Post your web ad. A top Hispanic information & news source and the sole Hispanic educational magazine for higher education. www.hispanicoutlook.com https://www.facebook.com/hispanicoutlook https://twitter.com/hispanicoutlook https://www.linkedin.com/company/the-hispanic-outlook-in-higher-education-magazine https://www.pinterest.com/hispanicoutlook/

For 25 years, The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education Magazine, has been a top information news source and the sole Hispanic educational magazine for the higher education community, and those involved in running our institutions of higher learning. Published biweekly, except in June, July and August, when we are on a summer schedule as outlined in our rate card, HO covers events, news, and ongoing trends that affect our multicultural institutions of the 21st century. HO reaches a large minority audience. As of September 2008, HO started putting a selection of articles online. As of December 2011, HO started the digital format of the magazine with free Apps available on iTunes and Google Play. As of June 2013 Hispanic Outlook kept its presence as a full color digital magazine. Hispanic Outlook Magazine maintains high quality control standards and a strict privacy policy on our databases. HO is a member of NAHP, HERC, NAHJ, NCCHC, ACE and AAHHE.

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