MAD Magazine - MAD #546 (Aug 2017)

Publisher: DCE
Category: Politics, Men's Interest
Language: English
Frequency : Bi-Monthly
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MAD is America’s longest running and best-selling magazine with that name. With its grinning, gapped-toothed idiot mascot, Alfred E. Neuman “gracing” its front cover, MAD satirizes politics, celebrities, sports and more in its legendarily moronic features including Spy vs. Spy, The Fold-in, “A MAD Look at..,” Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions and its iconic TV and movie parodies.

MAD #546 features our full-length spoof of the game show, The Wall and our parody of the Breitbart website! Plus, “MAD’s Make-Your-Own Trump Rant,” “The Worst Things About Marijuana” and “MAD’s Celebrity Supermarket”! Also, Planet Tad, The MAD Strip Club, The Fold-In and much more!

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