Entertainment Teens - September 2017

Publisher: Freshman Press
Category: Entertainment, Young Adult
Language: English
Frequency : Monthly

Entertainment Teens is one of the fastest-growing magazines on the market. Featuring exclusive interviews with celebrities, literature works, sports, movie & TV series review, philosophy, music review, college guide and travel, Entertainment Teens is dedicated to providing teens with a safe, non-violent environment where they can enjoy themselves. Found in January, 2017 Entertainment Teens is a monthly digital publication which perfectly combines literature and entertainment. Starting as a literature magazine, we understand some of the problems most of the literature magazines would face in modern days. Here, you will see a new aspect of literature, which is both funny and meaningful. Besides literature, we also offer difference kinds of articles, including social issues, exclusive interviews with celebrities, sports, music, movies and more. Entertainment Teens is the only magazine where entertainment and literature perfectly mixed together. A subscription to Entertainment Teens brings you to a world with perfect mixture of literature and entertainment. Established By Teens, Written For Teens.

Entertainment Teens is honored to present you its latest issue 5. With issue 5, you'll be able to discover a wonderful world mixed by entertainment and literature. Luna Blaise, James Hannon, Mace Coronel talks about their life experience, advice for new comers, and some fun trivia... What are you waiting for? Click and enjoy the 114-page journey!

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