Wopreneur - September 2019

Publisher: Wopreneur Media Pvt Ltd
Category: Women's Interest, Business
Language: English
Frequency : Monthly

There is so much said, written and documented regarding gender bias, pay parity and the likes. While we have looked at most industries in our past issues, its interesting that being from media it took us so long to look at ‘Women in Media’ and to understand the journey of Women across the media we met up with five towering women who have trailblazing journeys in the media world. While talking about journeys we dive in to see – How we need to create our own future in – Future is Now. Wouldn’t you agree that in todays day-n-age we are still struggling to find our voice, so here comes the important question – Have you Found Your Voice? Also do read about – Building a positive work culture, Fast forward with backward goal setting and take the fun quiz to find out – How Positive are you? And this issue in my dairy I have written about the most dramatic person in the team and how she came onboard.

Women's magazine addressing issues faced by women while starting or scaling their businesses. Recognises the intellectual power of women and has well researched, inspiring and informative articles about issues that matter to women.

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