Outlook Women Special Empower Magazine - Women's Special Empower March 2015

Publisher: The Outlook Group
Category: Women's Interest
Language: English
Frequency : One Time

60 Work Life Balance World champion boxer Mary Kom reveals the secret of staying on top in both professional and personal life and how family support is so critical to success 8 Picking Up the Right Job Why you need to look beyond the pay when you are in the hunt for your first job 16 Creating a Strong F inancial Base Why women must ensure that their distinct individual requirements in the future are taken into account in the financial plans of the family 22 Time to Get Clu ed In Harshendu Bindal, president, Franklin Templeton Asset Management Company, on what women need to do for greater participation in financial decision-making 24 Safe and Secure Why life and health insurance policies bought by a family must take into account the distinct risks encountered by women 30 Fit as a Fiddle Tips to stay fit despite a hectic daily schedule 34 Make a Power Statement How to be on the right side of fashion even in your workplace

Adopting smart money skills It is becoming common for women to start a business, manage finances and get adventurous 18 Single and successful To be financially independent and single-handedly manage work and motherhood 28 Level the playing field It’s time that women entrepreneurs got equal access to the financial support ecosystem 46 Set a fitness goal Get into Pilates to excercise your body and mind for a more balanced life 62 Life is a thrill More women are participating in adventure activities and seeking an adrenaline rush 42 A dream life Her passion for acting and a positive attitude has made Payal a successful TV star 32 Overcoming the odds A woman entrepreneur’s journey to success through optimism and self-belief

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