Business For All - May 2015

Publisher: Siby Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Category: Business, News
Language: English
Frequency : Monthly

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Debates on Net neutrality have dominated the public and media discourse during the last one month. Also, the likely dangers to the start up community due to programs like and Airtel Zero have come under sharper focus. Net Neutrality is crucial for small business owners, start ups and entrepreneurs, who can simply launch their businesses online, advertise and market their products without any discrimination on the basis of cost or speed. It is essential for innovation and creating job opportunities. Big companies like Google, Twitter and several others are born out of Net Neutrality. With increasing Internet penetration in India and given the fact that the country is evolving a conducive ecosystem for start ups and entrepreneurs any move to discriminate is worrisome. Net Neutrality is the Internet’s guiding principle. It preserves our right to communicate freely online. This is the definition of an open Internet. Take for instance the phone. The telecom company shouldn’t impose curbs on whom to call and what is spoken. The Internet Service Provider (ISP) shouldn’t be inquisitive about the content viewed and posted online.

BUSINESS FOR ALL, monthly, has emerged on the media scene to provide a platform to first generation entrepreneurs to share their entrepreneurial journey. Covering different sectors, a wide range of enterprising stories, interviews with cutting edge entrepreneurs and their case histories, BUSINESS FOR ALL aims to inspire, educate and motivate young and budding entrepreneurs to give shape to their dreams. Published from Hyderabad, the magazine commands fairly good readership across the country owing to a strong circulation network.

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