Manak Rajasthani- All Issues

'Manak' the only home magazine and path guide for millions of Rajasthanis/Marwaris, came into existence in January, 1981 with its first issue. Within a short period 'Manak' has emerged as most favorite family magazine in the Rajasthani community. Manak continues to share the woes and achievement of Marwaris not only residing in Rajathan but throughout India & Abroad. Manak plays an important and vital role in the life of Rajasthanis. Manak is unique and exclusive in many ways, as it is the only periodical which projects Rajasthan and Rajsthanis from all points of view. "MANAK" is constantly engaged in playing an important role and working as a mission for Rajasthani language the mother tongue of Rajasthanis, culture, literature, heritage, providing due conservation and its progress. Evolving fragrance of soil of Rajasthan, "MANAK" extends its due co-operation providing awareness of its mother tongue and culture to village & rural people also activity acting as bridge collaborating NRI's, residents of India and abroad with Rajasthani society its social & historical heritage. This U.S.P. of Manak makes it popular among affluent marwaris of Rajasthan, who contribute biggest segment of business class everywhere. It's an honour bestowed for 29 years of hard work, infectious enthusiasm and dedicated efforts towards binding Rajasthanis everywhere in to one close fraternity by providing an effective platform for Art, Culture and rich heritage of their home state Rajasthan.