Creature Companions - May 2017

Publisher: LB Associates Pvt Ltd.
Category: Animals and Pets, Education
Language: English
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Creature Companion was founded with the goal of providing pet lovers with vital information on petcare and related subjects, as well as, furnishing the domestic and international pet industries with important facts, trends and statistics about the Indian pet market. Over the years, the bimonthly has not only become synonymous with petcare issues, but is also now internationally recognised as the sole organiser of South Asia’s only pet trade fair and India’s largest pet event, the India International Pet Trade Fair. Our mission is two-pronged. Firstly, to create awareness about responsible and sensitive pet parenting—not only for dogs but all the creatures that fall under the category of companion animals. Our editorial team works hard to put together exciting content on the very latest in the pet world. News, reviews, trends, thought-provoking discussions, must-have products, toys & accessories, training tips, pet food recipes, heart-warming stories, rescue stories, breed profiles, health, grooming & behavioural tips, pet-oriented book & DVD reviews, valuable tips for pet owners on a number of pertinent subjects—all come together to make up each fun-packed issue. We feature interactive articles, where readers are welcome to contribute content and have a platform to proclaim their affection for their animals under a host of sections. Furthermore, our intent is to support and thereby give impetus to the Indian pet industry by featuring articles that are teeming with reviews, views, information, statistics, opinions and recommendations. All of our industry articles are research-based and carry the opinions of almost all professionals that make up the Indian pet milieu, reflecting the true status of the Indian pet market. Creature Companion, therefore, works as India’s and the world’s window into the Indian pet arena.

A dog is a dog and it is human’s best friend beyond its size and colour of fur. However, the good thing about friendship is that you can choose your friend which fi ts in your companionship according to your nature. It has always been a big question among pet owners to choose which one from bigger or smaller breed of dog. To solve this question and make it easy to choose your companion dog; this time we come with the detailed information about choosing from big and smaller breed of dog in our Cover Story. It will clear all the doubts and helps you to makeup your mind while adopting a dog which fi ts in your house as well as your life. Summers are here and with it starts a list of heat related problems. We have prepared for this; Summer Care Tips for Puppy in Dog with Blog section and Outing with Your Dog in Summer in Canine section is all about the summer tips, which will let your furry cool in this hot weather. Maternity period is the most important time in female’s life when they need more care, no matter whether they are human or animal. In our Health and Wellness section, Dr. Karthik V. Kuttan describes about the care of pregnant dogs which every pet owner should know. Dr. Riyaz Ahmed Bhatt along with his team explains about paravious infection in dogs in the same section.

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