Industrial Products Finder - December 2017

Publisher: ASAPP Info Global Services Private Limited
Category: Business, Technology
Language: English
Frequency : Monthly
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Industrial Products Finder was visualised and conceived as an industrial new-products-news monthly by R. V. Pandit, and was launched as such in October 1972. Right from the first issue, more than 43 years ago, the magazine contained unique features. It showcased exactly what the name of the magazine proclaimed: Industrial Products Finder. It carries only advertisements on industrial products, which is awaited news in industry circles. Industrial Products Finder (IPF) is a pioneer industrial journal in India, launched in October 1972, from Mumbai. It gives industrial manufacturers and exclusive dealers/importers of industrial products a forum to display their ware, in a medium that was to be made regularly available to the users of these products.

With 2017 bidding goodbye, the concluding IPF edition for this year wraps around topics like Test & Measuring Instruments, Automation & Robotics and Indo-German Business. The December edition touches the Test & Measurement topic explaining how the market is increasingly adopting a software-defined approach towards instrumentation, which allows expeditious upgradation of solutions as per changing network and technology requirements. The second topic of Automation & Robotics covers how industrial robotics provides assistance in completion of sophisticated tasks that demand superior accuracy and precision during their manufacturing processes. The last focus concentrates on Indo-German business ventures and how German engineering technology is powering India’s growth story, making this cooperation move up and ahead on the right track. Apart from these an additional focus on Delhi-NCR circle is also included covering interactions with multple business players in the region. IPF PLUS comprises of interactions with Dow Chemical Company and International Copper Association alongwith multiple updates on latest technological know-how. IPF wishes its readers Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year hoping the MSME/SME sector would take comprehensive leap in the coming year.

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