Fortune India Magazine - October 2014

Fortune India Magazine - October 2014

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Pg 118- Rebirth of the Native- India’s multibillion-dollar vernacular press is flirting with the digital world. Can it cut out the distractions and take the next step online?

Pg 124- Upsetting the Shopping Cart. Again- Kishore Biyani took modern retail to middle India and changed how people
shopped. He’s trying to change the game again—this time using technology.

Pg 142- The Third Space- India may not have a Silicon Valley equivalent just yet, but something’s been brewing amid the hum in its coffee shops.

Fortune India Magazine Description:

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Fortune India is a monthly business magazine published by the India Today Group. It is the Indian edition of the American business magazine Fortune.

Fortune India covers a wide range of business topics, including corporate news, market trends, and leadership profiles. The magazine also features articles on entrepreneurship, innovation, and social responsibility.

Fortune India is known for its in-depth reporting and its insightful analysis. The magazine has won numerous awards, including the World Media Award for Business Journalism.

Here are some of the features of Fortune India Magazine:

* In-depth reporting: Fortune India features in-depth reporting on the latest business news and trends.
* Expert analysis: Fortune India's writers and analysts provide insightful analysis of the Indian business landscape.
* Leadership profiles: Fortune India features profiles of leading business figures from India and around the world.
* Entrepreneurship: Fortune India covers the latest trends in entrepreneurship and innovation.
* Social responsibility: Fortune India features articles on corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

Fortune India is a must-read for any business leader or anyone interested in the Indian business world. Subscribe today and start your journey to becoming a better business leader!