Fortune India Magazine - December 2019

Fortune India Magazine - December 2019

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Cover story for Fortune India’s December issue¬ ̶ themed “India 2020”̶ is on Hindustan Unilever Ltd (HUL), the country’s largest FMCG. If the biggest has to grow bigger, business as usual barely suffices. It calls for fresh thinking and the gumption to try new things. Under Sanjiv Mehta’s leadership, HUL is showing just that. As we stand on the threshold of a new decade, we at Fortune India could think of no better company than HUL to represent how essential innovation is if companies and their leaders have to face the changes a new India presents before them.
Apart from the fascinating HUL story, this issue also looks at the trend of consolidation running across several sectors of the India economy. As India gets ready to enter the 2020s, some sectors have begun showing signs of maturity, with players coming together either owing to market exigencies or the need for stronger balance sheets to tackle sectroal challenges.

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Fortune India is a monthly business magazine published by the India Today Group. It is the Indian edition of the American business magazine Fortune.

Fortune India covers a wide range of business topics, including corporate news, market trends, and leadership profiles. The magazine also features articles on entrepreneurship, innovation, and social responsibility.

Fortune India is known for its in-depth reporting and its insightful analysis. The magazine has won numerous awards, including the World Media Award for Business Journalism.

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* In-depth reporting: Fortune India features in-depth reporting on the latest business news and trends.
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