Lens Magazine - May 2018

Publisher: Art Market
Category: Art, Photography
Language: English
Frequency : Monthly

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The International Magazine for Contemporary Fine Art Photography. Lens is a monthly publication that exhibits the best and brightest photography works.Lens Magazine follows the same the foundations laid upon by its predecessor, aiming to unearth and showcase both leading artists and emerging talents alike. Anyone can contribute to the monthly publication, which covers the entire spectrum of photography - from the individual interpretation of a single concept explored in each issue from a variety of international artists, to handy tips and tricks for any amateur or aspiring photographers. Lens Magazine takes a single concept each month, and allows its contributors to delve into any ideas and emotions evoked from this theme, leading to a rich and varied selection of photographs and stories behind them. The most recent issue featured the concept of night and nightlife photography, leading to some truly incredible submissions and contributions, each and every one as beautiful and impressive as they are unique. The newly established website, lensmagazine.net , aims to build a community of passionate photographers from all walks of life, where ideas and concepts can be shared and explored amongst fellow lovers of photography. Working alongside the Lens Magazine publication, both iterations are looking for contributions and submissions from every corner of the globe. Visit Lens Magazine's Site: http://lensmagazine.net Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/LensMag/ Instagram: https://instagram.com/israeli_lens_magazine/

This month's issue #44, dedicated to life and death, in all aspects and fields of photography. We are most pleased to publish and feature fascinating photographers and series focused on human subjects from around the globe. In this issue you will find exclusive interview with known photographer Felix Lupa, featuring two series about sidelines figures, forgotten by the society. Nathan Brayshaw features a heart braking article about the children of Pakistan, and Yawar Nazir Kabli has an amazing series about a conflict-ravaged zone. More you find, articles about impressive photographers, including Boogie, Mark Edward Harris, Michal Solarski, Mustafah Abdulaziz, Guilherme Bergamini, Allan Kliger and many more. This is one of Lens Magazine's best Issues! Participating Photographers (Articles&Interviews;): FELIX LUPA / YAWAR NAZIR KABLI / GUILHERME BERGAMINI / BOOGIE / NATHAN BRAYSHAW / OMRI SHOMER / MUSTAFAH ABDULAZIZ / MARK EDWARD HARRIS / ALLAN KLIGER / MICHAL SOLARSKI / NETA DEKEL / Dr. AVI PERL Cover Image by YAWAR NAZIR KABLI © All rights reserved

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