Pipeline - Issue 52

Publisher: Double Pipe Publishers Limited
Category: Men's Magazines
Language: English, Chinese - Traditional
Frequency : 45 Days

Pipeline杂 志是供艺术家、艺术研究者、策展人和艺术爱好者头脑风暴的平台。我们集思广益、开诚布公,致力于严肃艺术但不限于精英份子。在某几期刊物中, 我们为艺术家 和试验型项目提供了一个游乐场,而在每一期我们都旨在将当代艺术中分门别类、跨越地域的艺术实践联系起来,其中包括众多美术馆、展览以及非营 利性艺术空 间。Pipeline由香港Double Pipe出版社主办,每年出版六期。作为一本独立艺术杂志,Pipeline内容面向国际题材同时提供当地美术馆指 南。

Initially, I was pondering for this issue of Pipeline the notions binding together the ideas of leaving or exile, not as categories but as gestures and states of mind. The idea of artists in exile mostly describes those who have fled their country because of wars or oppressive regimes — while we don’t tackle the migrant crisis in Europe here, it casts a long shadow — and who can’t go home. Exile can mean rebuilding one’s life and practice, constantly revisiting and reliving memories while growing older somewhere else, filtering both old and new experiences through a combined set of references.

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