ArtAsiaPacific - July - August 2017

Publisher: ArtAsiaPacific Holdings Limited
Category: Art
Language: English
Frequency : Bi-Monthly
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For 20 years, ArtAsiaPacific Magazine has been at the forefront of the powerful creative forces that shape contemporary art from Asia, the Pacific and the Middle East. Covering the latest in contemporary visual culture, ArtAsiaPacific is published 6 times a year in Hong Kong, with editorial desks in 25 countries around the world. Our special annual issue, the ArtAsiaPacific Almanac, published in January, covers the major art events of the past year and forecasts the key trends of the year to come. The dominant artistic influence in the world today - and for many years to come emanates from the vast territory that lies between Turkey and the Pacific island of Tonga that we call the Asia-Pacific. This territory includes India, China, Japan, Australia, Thailand, Pakistan, New Zealand, Korea and Indonesia, whose combined populations make up an amazing half of the world's total population. Also included are Burma, Cambodia, Kiribati and Uzbekistan - places hitherto overlooked, but which like their gigantic neighbors, are producing cutting-edge art of stunning and unexpected quality. ArtAsiaPacific is authoritative, accurate, even-handed, exact and essential. Included in each issue is an up-to-date directory of the major galleries, not-for-profit organizations and museums with a focus on contemporary art from our geographical footprint. ArtAsiaPacific offers thoughtful reportage, analysis, comment and criticism to its readers made up of collectors, gallerists, curators, artists and those who want and who need to know the latest developments in the fastest-growing and most astonishing region of the contemporary art world.

The July/August issue of ArtAsiaPacific spotlights artists who methodically capture the more subtle aspects of time and place that constitute both personal and collective memory, beginning with a cover Feature on conceptual photographer Kunié Sugiura by AAP editor-at-large HG Masters. After studying at the Art Institute of Chicago and then moving to New York, she began photographing everyday life, combining these images using sculptural and painterly techniques. AAP’s London desk editor Ned Carter Miles spoke to Rana Begum about her vibrantly hued paintings, sculptures and public installations. In Guangzhou, Centre Pompidou’s curator Yung Ma sat down with video artist Zhou Tao to discuss his elusively meditative practice. In our special feature Inside Burger Collection, Isa Cossement interviews Belgian conceptual artist Kris Martin, who makes indistinct modifications to found objects, exploring universal issues of the human condition. For Essays, AAP contributing editor Antony Dapiran ponders the fate of Hong Kong as the city marks the 20th anniversary of the British-Chinese handover. This issue’s Profiles include Brisbane-based kinetic sound artist Ross Manning and rising Filipino star Cian Dayrit, who delves into fictional and historic narratives about his home country. We also introduce Ian Holliday, Hong Kong University’s vice president and pro-vice-chancellor, who is slowly amassing a major collection of Burmese contemporary art, currently over 1,000 paintings. In One on One, the minimalist artist and public intellectual Rasheed Araeen reflects on the exhilarating experience of discovering an unknown work by British modernist Anthony Caro in the sculpture garden of the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1985. And in Where I Work, AAP managing editor Ysabelle Cheung heads to Hong Kong’s New Territories to visit the studio of painter Firenze Lai on the eve of dispatching her melancholic, dreamlike figure paintings to Venice’s Central Pavilion in the Giardini.

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