Shadows Of Your Mind Magazine - Issue 6 - March/April 2019Add to Favorites

Shadows Of Your Mind Magazine - Issue 6 - March/April 2019Add to Favorites

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In this issue

Read the behind-the-scenes info on the recent movie from Jeremy Corbell entitled Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers. Also inside author Peter Levenda discusses his latest novel Dunwich and the occult legacy of H.P.Lovecraft, we also examine the best of Lovecraft's works. Elsewhere there's an interview with Joanne Summerscales about her music project Eklectia, an album featuring solely E.T. experiencers; we talk Dr. Heather Lynn about corruption in mainstream academic archaeology; Sgt. Dean McMurray, also known as The Military Medium, tells us how he communicates with those who have passed on. All this and a lot more!

Shadows Of Your Mind Magazine Description:

PublisherS-4 Digital Press

CategoryReligious & Spiritual



Shadows of Your Mind is an online bi-monthly magazine dedicated to the topics of alternative research, conspiracy, the paranormal and ufology. The title refers to the dark hidden corners of the mind where there is a subconscious recognition of a suppressed knowledge and a desire to know the truth.

The aim of the magazine is to act as a starting point for anybody looking to further their knowledge about topics regarded as offbeat and ‘weird’ e.g. UFOs and extra-terrestrial contact, the Secret Space Program, ancient civilisations and alternative history etc... These are all topics spoken about quite freely within the general public away from mainstream media.

In this era of conspiracy theories and ‘fake news’ and with the popularity of tv programmes such as Ancient Aliens and Ghost Adventures, and radio shows like Coast to Coast AM and Fade To Black, there has never been a better time to access the information at which the mainstream media continues to roll its eyes and dismisses as tinfoil hat theories.

There has been an awakening worldwide and an acknowledgment that what we are told by the powers that be - whether Government, media or academia - is not necessarily the truth. There is a certain degree of censorship in relation to knowledge and human history. This is why Shadows Of Your Mind intends, not to preach, but to inform, to act as a catalyst for further personal investigation.

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