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Mags Magazine - Live Your Future Now - January 2015Add to Favorites

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Live Your Future Now, is a spiritual yet practical and uplifting magazine which captures the soul essence of the human journey through every day experiences. The author takes the reader through her personal journey and her life changing experiences by digging into her own soul to write her Soul Mission Statement which led her to prioritise her activities and meet her goals. She profiles several other professionals who are living passion and paying attention to what matters to the human soul and at the same time helping both individuals and companies live with passion and soul. “You have such variety, which supports the entertainment factor. Your reader can start at the top and just keep going for hours in the world you have created. Perfect!” Dominique.
“I read through your magazine and Wow!! Pure talent!! From your write-ups to your graphics and lay-out and most of all the sharing of your life experiences and your beautiful message about soul mission” Lisa

Mags Magazine - Live Your Future Now Description:

PublisherSimplified Training and Facilitation



FrequencyOne Time

“Live Your Future Now” is the product of my blog,, which I started in 2011 as an action step to get out of the rut of procrastination and to live a more purposeful life. After almost three years of writing and also developing a soul mission statement, I discovered that I became a lot more focused on what truly matters to me. The blog became popular across 98 countries with a viewership of almost 20,000 hits. In 2014, I set a goal to publish by the end of 2014.
"Live Your Future Now."
It is an inspiring and motivational publication with down-to-earth practical words of wisdom for the young and not so young. It is written in a style which can capture the minds and hearts of its readers with meaningful examples of real life situations which we can all relate to, for it encompasses life's many experiences related to our different environments and circumstances. "Live Your Future Now" is a wakeup call for all of us, for life is short and we must take full advantage of the many avenues available to us to master our surroundings and take advantage of our inner powers to succeed regardless of our place of birth, circumstances of the environment in which we are nurtured and our past and present challenges. The author takes us through her many vicissitudes and challenges in her life and points out that through determination, hard work, discipline, belief in self, and setting goals she was able to overcome many obstacles. She also calls on us to reach out and offer help to others, not the selfish and self-centered living so typical in our world of today.
I recommend this publication to readers all over our globe for we are all faced with the challenges espoused by Magdalene Cooman form different perspectives but fundamentally rooted in living a life in full now for a future tomorrow.

Ambassador Dr. Joseph E. Edmunds, OBE
Former Ambassador of St Lucia to
The UN, OAS, and US

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