Paradigm Shift - Issue 60

Publisher: Paradigm Shift
Category: Religious & Spiritual, Lifestyle
Language: English
Frequency : Quarterly

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Our first issue of 2013 – includes an additional 14 pages! * We have predictions for 2013 from Selacia and Joylina. * We interview Stewart Pearce, founder of The Alchemy of Voice, a sound healing temple, and author of The Angels of Atlantis. * Learn the Truth about Reincarnation from Joseph, channelled by Michael G Reccia. * See What the Planets Say for the next 3 months. * The Bards of Avaloon talk to us about The Perputual Choirs. * Wondering where to take your spiritual holiday this year – see our Retreats & Holidays feature. * Aluna Joy Yaxk’in and the Star Elders talk about the dark night of the soul in their article The Living Masters. * Learn about the gifts of healing from Archangel Metatron – Angelic Reiki and Metatronic Healing. * Read about a powerful new variety of Quartz – Rainbow Mayanite Quartz – discovered by Kellie Jo Conn

Paradigm Shift magazine, first published in 2001, is designed for those with a genuine desire to raise their consciousness, achieve enlightenment and ascension, and features authors and teachers from around the world. We are on the threshold of a quantum shift in the perception and experience of our reality - it is as profound as the introduction of speech, or the development of the wheel. We are moving from the condition where we are aware of ourselves as separate from everything around us, to the realisation that, in fact, Planet Earth and all its occupants are one being. Many of the people waking up to this new reality find themselves having psychic or mystical experiences. They become sensitive to the subtle energies around people and places. Paradigm Shift helps us incorporate these changes successfully into everyday life. Practical and educational, the topics covered are relevant to anyone with an interest in Enlightenment, Ascension, Metaphysics and the ‘new spirituality’. Our authors are pioneers in consciousness, people with the profound knowledge that there is more to life than meets the eye - find out what they have to say . . . Shift your paradigm with Paradigm Shift magazine!

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