Visual Arts News - Summer 2019 - Art + Design

Publisher: Visual Arts Nova Scotia
Category: Art, Culture
Language: English
Frequency : 3 Issues/Year

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Design and art speak from the inside to the outside world. They are how we orient, re-orient and situate ourselves in a place and time. Art and design are the great communicators - a visual language - of who we are, how we live, and what we find meaning in. Cover artist Jordan Bennett, who is Mi'kmaw from Ktaqmkuk (Newfoundland), illustrates the impact design has on art, and art has on design in his solo exhibition at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, fusing ancestral and contemporary art and design. The Museum of Longing and Failure, maintained by Chloe Lews and Andrew Taggart, lurs borders of art, design, and architecture as viewers are invited to meditate on shape, form, and how they relate to longing and failure. Montreal Based Costa Rican artist, Juan Ortiz-Apuy's Fountain Mist exhibition at the Owens Gallery surveys elements of design for a cutting and playful analysis of mass production.

Visual Arts News is dedicated to visual art in Atlantic Canada; every issue includes engaging exhibition reviews, artist profiles and in-depth features on issues facing art professionals across the province. As one of the oldest publications in Atlantic Canada, it is a well-trusted source of information for readers with a passion for its thriving visual arts scene. Written in a clear and sophisticated style by some of the most talented arts writers, Visual Arts News reflects the diversity of from our geographic and cultural communities.

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