Vagabundo Magazine - April/May 2014

Publisher: Vagabundo Magazine
Category: Lifestyle, Travel
Language: English
Frequency : Bi-Monthly
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This issue of Vagabundo Magazine is easily our most powerful. Though we keep strong to our adventure travel roots, we've decided to dedicate this issue to conflict. In travel, you deal with conflict every single day, so why do most magazines focus only on the happy-thoughts involved? We love travel as much as the next person, but we believe that the world should be showcased as that is. The world is love, it's honour, it's helpfulness, and a warm smile. But to get to that point there's always a bit of struggle. No matter where you go, you deal with conflict in travel. This issues features include: - Industry Spotlight: On the Front Lines with Alice Martins - Post-Conflict Tourism in Bosnia-Herzegovina - Ziro Valley: Allure of the Apantani - Navarino Island, Chile - Extreme Eats in Cambodia - Star Photography with Caleb Lloyd and - Nail City, China We hope you enjoy this issue as much as we've liked putting it together.

Vagabundo Magazine is a travel eZine featuring independent, outgoing, and adventurous travel articles from around the world. Vagabundo Magazine not only strives to bring to life the world's off the beaten path destinations but to bring inspiration to our readers. Join us as we explore the world's parts unknown and expose some amazing places.

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