Cosmopolitan Australia Magazine - July 2016

Cosmopolitan Australia Magazine - July 2016

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In this issue

J.Lo: the obsession continues. Real sex advice: I'm sleeping with a new guy, send help! Get ahead: how the smart girls really get a promotion.

Ouch: can you break your vagina? Burn it: 69 ways to fire up your metabolism.

The dark side of Airbnb: I woke up and he was standing over me.

236 winter style buys.

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Cosmopolitan magazine inspires and empowers women to be their best in every area of their life – to live big, love life, be confident and go for it!

Cosmopolitan is Australia’s number one women’s lifestyle magazine that evokes glamour and aspiration. The editorial philosophy is built on the cornerstones of fashion, beauty, body, sex and relationships – making Cosmopolitan a complete lifestyle experience.

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