Femina - June 7 2016


Entertainment, Women's Interest
Magazine Description
The story of Femina, India's first and most read women's English magazine, unfolds much like the story of the urban Indian woman. For over 50 years now, Femina has been capturing the essence of the modern woman and how she has been evolving.

Over the years, Femina's readership has grown steadily, with over 60% of its English edition readers being in the age group of 25-45 years and over 76% of its Hindi edition readers being in the age group of 16-45 years. Today, our reader is not 'just' a homemaker or 'just' a professional, but she is both and more. And just like our readers, we too have evolved.

Today, Femina has an online incarnation: 'www.Femina.in', and with this, Femina aims to reach out to women through the entire day. The website covers a huge bandwidth of topics including fashion, relationships, beauty, buzz, health, and food, and columns like Your Space and Spotlight make it a one-stop-destination for women, online. The website also features user-generated content in the form of tips, communities, forums, polls, contests and other interactive content which add to the experience of the end user.

Issue Description
Fond of the good life? Then let the latest issue of Femina be your guiding light to everything luxe this season. The big story encourages you to pamper yourself silly with luxurious spa experience, delicious gastronomical delights, beautiful trinkets, five star services and cars that will make you swoon. Learn to embrace the allure of the Gothic romance with all-black looks with lashings of lace and tulle. Next, head to the beauty section for tutorials on how to ace your favourite celebrity looks. Also get to know the gorgeous trio of Sussanne Khan, Bipashu Basu and Malaika Arora Khan better as they talk about making luxury affordable to fellow fashionistas.
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