Man's World - June 2016


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MW (Mans World) is India's first men's luxury lifestyle magazine. It has been the lively, vibrant and authoritative voice of the globalised urban Indian male for more than a decade. Its coverage reflects the energy and verve of the new and successful India. MW stands out for quality writing, depth of content and sumptuous photography, backed by elegant design & production. Whatever men are looking for these days -- clothes, cars, gizmos, electronics, books, movies, wines, music, fitness, relationship, adventure, travel-- MW provides them with much needed information and advice to help lead life to the fullest.

Issue Description
CAPTAIN OF HIS SHIP: Whatever John Abraham loves, he literally owns — cars and motorcycles, a football team, a production house and soon, a fitness venture. Euro 2016: Seven players to watch out for Ronaldo, Bale and Ibrahimovich will undoubtedly headline the tournament, but you’d do well to keep an eye on these young guns too. Euro 2016: Rules are rules: Come June 10 and football will see a whole new set of rules being implemented at the European Championships — over 90, in fact. Euro 2016: Euro at its best We recount six of the greatest Euro matches ever played. Too good by half Ad man Kishore Manohar and writer Judy Balan teamed up to write Half Boyfriend, a parody of Half Girlfriend, by you-know-who. The many flavours of Marathi cinema The commercial and critical success of Sairat points to Marathi cinema’s ability to consistently renew its creative energy. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride Why are some very talented actresses, who have everything going for them, unable to crack the big league?
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