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Launched in 2003, IMAGES Retail took on the task of analysing the emerging industry of organised retail, at a time when industry itself had little data to work on.Since then, the magazine has grown in tandem with the business of retail in India, and its broad-based research now covers the gamut of Indian and international movements in technology, logistics, formats, store design, retail real estate , franchising and human resource, besides reporting on significant directions within India's sunrise industry.

Issue Description
It's the beginning of a new year, and let us take a break from on-line and hark a while at retail holistically. Digital Darwinism, or rather the extinction of organisations thereby, is a fate faced when technology and society evolve faster than the organization can adapt to the change. On the other side there are the Disruptive School guys who are looking to reinvent the very raison de etre’s of products and services. Organisations are beginning to believe that it is better to reinvent yourself rather than someone else reinvents and replaces you. These challenges are calling for a new retail leader.
While organisations have now had a CTO now for years but with the age of big data truly upon us, information management has spawned the birth of a new C-suite member—The CIO. With information being king it is no wonder that the CIO is being increasing looked up to lead strategic planning and innovation. According to the 'New Voice of CIO' report by IBM, "Today’s Retail CIOs spend an impressive 54 percent of their time on activities that spur innovation. These activities include generating buy-in for innovative plans, implementing new technologies and managing non-technology business issues." In this the January issue of IMAGES Retail, we speak to CIOs of leading retail houses and try to take a quick look at the evolving role of new age CIO and what other C-Suite members expect from him.

As a cover focus, and in sync with Food Forum Indian that we are hosting in Mumbai on January 14-16, we bring a term study of the ever growing and evolving food and grocery retail market. Also, block your dates for the 15th mega annual congregation of the India Fashion Forum, which will take place on March 18-20 at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai.

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