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Launched in 2003, IMAGES Retail took on the task of analysing the emerging industry of organised retail, at a time when industry itself had little data to work on.Since then, the magazine has grown in tandem with the business of retail in India, and its broad-based research now covers the gamut of Indian and international movements in technology, logistics, formats, store design, retail real estate , franchising and human resource, besides reporting on significant directions within India's sunrise industry.

Issue Description
Gazing at the crystal ball and trying to figure out what the future holds for the retail sector, led to just one answer. And, that turned us a bit philosophical. We realised that it is a battle between guts over fear and when the gut wins, an epochal journey begins from there.
The Indian retail industry is also undergoing a metamorphosis: Following omnichannel pursuit to innovating usage of technology, from reading between the lines to understanding customer demand better through predictive analysis, retailers are following their guts rather than being consumed by the looming fears.
The retail industry is on the right track and is surely treading on the ‘road to positivity’.
The large conglomerates are spearheading the revolution to spin the game and reach the bottomline growth. Overall, the industry is going through exciting times. But gazing through the crystal ball, what is the shape of things to come in the ‘tomorrowland’ of retail?
For the August issue, which is also an annual edition of IMAGES Retail, we have brought the consensual views of dozens of modern retailers about the presentday challenges and futuristic opportunities, and what needs to be done to unleash the true potential of modern retail. We hope that you find this issue insightful and on its part, the issue helps you in charting your future course of action.
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