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Launched in 2003, IMAGES Retail took on the task of analysing the emerging industry of organised retail, at a time when industry itself had little data to work on.Since then, the magazine has grown in tandem with the business of retail in India, and its broad-based research now covers the gamut of Indian and international movements in technology, logistics, formats, store design, retail real estate , franchising and human resource, besides reporting on significant directions within India's sunrise industry.

Issue Description
While the world has become a global village, with the aftershock of the jolts being felt by all, be it coup-de-tat in a certain country in Africa or economic turmoil in one of the biggest tourist destinations of Europe, the repercussions go far and wide. The case in point we are talking about right now is Greece, the oldest democracy in world, which is going through bankruptcy and debt crisis.

The Greece turmoil has little, rather nothing, to do with the Indian economy as such, it nevertheless makes one realise how dynamic our world is and that change is the name of the game. And, so is apt for this issue of our magazine, IMAGES Retail, in which we have tried to evaluate the importance of customer-centricity and the role that loyalty programmes play. We have also underlined why they are considered as a holy grail of customer retention by progressive retailers. Also, according to our findings, it is the relationship, not the rewards, that is quintessential for the success of a loyalty programme.

The other big story in this issue is on the importance of predictive analysis and how retailers are able to do ‘better retailing’ because of ‘big data’. We have also discussed how it is redefining the rule of the game for retailers.

With this, we hope you will find this issue of IMAGES Retail informative, and will stay hooked with us as in the forthcoming issues we will unearth more such pertinent issues so that even in the unstable times your retail business stays ever-so stable...

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