Tips To Make Your Home Warm And Inviting
WOMAN'S WEEKLY|October 26, 2021
Make your home warm and inviting, ready for the colder months ahead
Esme Clemo

1 Home spa

Bring the spa to your bathroom. Light candles, turn on the radio and ready your slippers. Put aromatherapy oils and salts in your bath for a decadent soak on a chilly night.

2 Autumn colour

Opt for a dried bunch of blooms to bring colour into your home all season long. Fill a spherical jug with your flowers, in a pretty autumnal print.

3 Garden gathering

Keep cosy in your garden with a firepit or basket, perfect for getting together with friends, steaming cups of cocoa and some toasted marshmallows. Bring out a basket full of throws, and light some candles for added ambience.

4 Snuggle up

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