Tips For Including Your Dog In Your Wedding!
Romance Travel Magazine|January/February 2016

Tips for including your dog in your wedding festivities.

Jessica Lapido

You have been dreaming of your perfect wedding day your whole life. There are always a few people that simply must be there or the day won’t be complete. For us, one of those very special people just happened to have big blue eyes, shiny fur coat and a long waggling tail! Our husky, Lennon, was with us when we fell in love and we wanted him to be part of our wedding day. Here are some tips for keeping you furry baby safe and happy during your wedding festivities.

1. Cujo vs. Lassie? Consider your pet’s personality and obedience before putting them in the wedding. Do large crowds upset him? Will little children annoy him? Will they destroy the buffet trying to get to the chicken dinner? If you answer yes, then maybe consider alternative ways to include your baby in the day.

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