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Essential Apple User Magazine|January 2021
The Internet is a major part of your iPad experience and might well be one of the main reasons you chose to buy a tablet computer. Here’s how to get online with your iPad, using either a Wi-Fi network or a data connection.

1 To turn on Wi-Fi, go to Settings > Wi-Fi and turn Wi-Fi on (or you can use the Control Centre; see Control Centre tutorial), after which, the iPad searches for all networks in range of your device.

2 If you’re at home, pick your home network from the list and enter the security details to be allowed access. Take care to enter your password correctly, making sure, for example, that you don’t confuse the letter ‘O’ and a zero.

3 If you are in a public hotspot, maybe at a cafe or a hotel, it’s very unlikely to have security so you can just connect. You probably need to find out the login details from whoever is providing the Wi-Fi service.

4 From now on, whenever you are in range of this Wi-Fi service, the iPad automatically connects to it without you having to input a password again. If more than one is in range the iPad rejoins the last network it joined.

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