Solitude & skiing
The Good Life|January 2021
Even in the ‘empty nester’ years, it’s fun to strap on skis or snowshoes for a trek in the snowy wonderland

This is our fifth winter living in East Wenatchee, and we welcome whatever it brings.

As we have already discovered, no two winters are exactly alike, but every one so far has gifted us with countless opportunities to spend time in the snow with either cross-country skis or snowshoes strapped onto our feet.

About 40 years ago my husband Ken suggested taking up cross-country skiing. I had been a downhill skier in my teens, so I immediately embraced the idea.

We signed up with REI for what turned out to be a grueling all-day class up at Stevens Pass. Despite that experience, we rented skis a few times that winter, and by the end of the season, we purchased our own equipment.

The next winter we were confident enough to introduce our kids (ages 5 and 8) to this new sport. They took to it like sled dogs running the Iditarod, and from then on, many winter weekends found us up in the Cascades skiing the trails, picnicking in the snow, and occasionally getting a little lost. The Lake Wenatchee and Leavenworth areas became favorite family winter playgrounds for us, even when our kids were in their teens.

Fast forward to our empty nester years. We got new boots, poles and bindings and continued to enjoy our same Trek skis. Best of all, we discovered a new place to ski, with which we fell in love. Our feelings for this place have only become more passionate over the decades, and now it only takes us a little over an hour from our front door to drive up to Echo Ridge.

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