5 Ways To Jazz Up Your Résumé!
New Idea|May 31, 2021
Jobless? An updated CV is your key to returning to the workforce
Andrea Black

Maybe the pandemic has affected your industry, or perhaps you’ve been out of the workforce to raise a family. When a person is looking for work, one of the first things they will do as they seek a new job is to update their résumé or LinkedIn profile. Both tools play a critical role in the job-hunting process, and there are great ways to build up your profile, so take note of workplace expert Michelle Gibbings’ tips to put your best self forward.


This process starts by doing a skills audit to identify the range of technical, functional, and behavioral skills you have. Don’t limit yourself. Skills learnt on the job through voluntary work can be just as valuable as paid work.

For example, participating on a school board, running a fundraising campaign, or mentoring students all involve a range of specific technical skills, as well as leadership, marketing, or stakeholder management capabilities.

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