The Power Of Suksham Vyayam
Yoga and Total Health|January 2022
Warming up practices are unfortunately underrated in Yoga
Supreet Shah
Suksham Vyayam or simple modest warming up practices in yoga have always been underrated. They look so simple that anyone can be misled with their humbleness. In my teaching experience, I have seen people getting wonderful benefits by maintaining the consistency of these practices. I am so grateful to my Guruji Dr. Hansraj Yadav who taught us this simple secret of great health. Prathamesh Kriya or yoga warm-ups consist of five very simple practices/steps and can be done by anyone with almost any condition. I have cured my own Cervical Spondylosis with it.

I will discuss all the steps one by one. All the steps will have five repetitions and can be done with or without following the breathing pattern. Except Step 1, the rest of the steps are done in a standing position.

STEP NO.1 Meditation is the first step and, in this case, we meditate only for five minutes. The sitting pose, if you are capable of sitting on the floor, is the simple crossing of legs or Padmasana. Otherwise, one can also meditate sitting on a chair. Put the hands in Apaan Mudra, which can be attained by joining the tips of both middle fingers with the thumb. Now we just focus on breathing or equal breathing for the said time.

Benefits: Meditation can wipe away the day's stress, bringing with it inner peace. This also prepares your body for a simple workout.

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