Tales Worth Sharing
Reminisce|December / January 2018

Personal stories bring family history to life.

Tom R. Kovach

Raising two daughters has given me plenty of excuse to tell stories—some funny, some sad and some of interest only to the family. My mother told me a few; my father, the rest.

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Dear Carol

BAD GUY? I started working at a beach club, and I was completely lonely until a boy started talking to me because we both like the same video game.

10 mins read
Girls' Life magazine
June/July 2022


Google said that it struck licensing deals with 300 news publishers in Europe in its latest effort to comply with a recently introduced European Union copyright law.

1 min read
Techlife News
May 14, 2022

A Sustainable MINDSET

THOMAS BRUHN is a physicist at the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies, Potsdam, Germany. He is a researcher and a bridge builder, helping experts and change-makers from all sectors of society to come together to explore the topic of sustainability, listen to each other, and develop solutions. In part 1 of his conversation with JUDITH NELSON at the Spirit of Humanity Forum in Reykjavik, Iceland, he talks about the walking holiday he had after finishing his studies, and how it informed his perspectives on nature and sustainability.

4 mins read
Heartfulness eMagazine
April 2022


Better Things creator and star PAMELA ADLON on how the show gave her an OPPORTUNITY to REINVENT some things about the way HOLLYWOOD operates-both on-screen and off

4 mins read
Harper's BAZAAR - US
April 2022

Beware of Oak Poisoning!

"It can be very difficult to diagnose chronic poisoning in horses caused by the consumption of acorns, says Dr Mac."

3 mins read
Farmer's Weekly
February 25, 2022

Canton Chrono 70 Loudspeaker - It's Chrono Time

Canton may be a speaker brand that’s relatively unknown in North America—no doubt due to the company’s products not being available in these parts for the past decade—but the German outfit has been doing business for almost 50 years. Headquartered about 25 miles north of Frankfurt, Canton is one of Germany’s largest loudspeaker manufacturers, offering a truly breathtaking spread of models across several product ranges.

6 mins read
Sound & Vision
February - March 2022

Is Germany Still a Reliable U.S. Ally?

As Russia threatens Ukraine, Trump continues to casts a shadow over relations between Berlin and Washington

8 mins read
February 11, 2022


Wife Cheryl Hines horrified by wild Nazi rant over COVID masks

2 mins read
February 14, 2022

The Miracle Bear

Is 23-year-old Urs Kalecinski the Next Classic Physique Olympia Champ?

10+ mins read
Muscular Development
February 2022

Green and Pleasant Land

An early summer cruise along England's south coast proved an unexpected treat for Phil Johnson

10+ mins read
Yachting World
February 2022