“The understanding of Indian market is pTron's biggest strength”
My Mobile|June 2021
There is no looking back for pTron in India ever since it came into being in 2014. The domestic brand has evolved over the years and diversified its product portfolio to gain a strong foothold in the mobile accessories market. The company aims to make technology affordable and accessible to all, even as consumers have always seen it as a value for money brand. Ramesh Kumar Raja talked to Ameen Khwaja, Founder and CEO, pTron, to discuss the brand’s positioning and offerings in India, besides its strategy to be a prominent player in the given space. Excerpts:
Ramesh Kumar Raja

You offer a wide range of products, from earphones and Bluetooth speakers to smart wearables and handset accessories. Which among them is a dominant vertical for pTron? pTron is poised as a challenger brand, making waves in the mobile phone accessories segment across categories. Our current catalog comprises 200- plus SKUs ranging from wired earphones, wireless earphones/headsets, and true wireless earbuds to Bluetooth speakers, smart wearables, power banks, chargers, cables, and more. True wireless and wireless neckband are predominantly important categories for us. Our Bassbuds and Basspods series of TWS that sell across online and offline platforms are the best-performing and largest selling category.

Please tell us something about R&D and innovation at pTron? pTron focuses on component level detailing of all its products and has extensive control over its cost and quality. This implies having strong relations with cost-efficient and reliable manufacturing partners. With these capabilities and having our own in-house design team, we are developing our product design competence and have filed several patents already. Thereby, we can vouch for the originality and distinctiveness of our products. Also, we have a strict quality control procedure in place, through which all our products go through five levels of quality check to ensure that a consumer does not face any issue with our products. Additionally, pTron offers six months to a year of replacement warranty on all the products.

Our biggest strength is our control over manufacturing and understanding of the Indian market and the consumer. More importantly, all our products are certified by FCC (uS), Ce (Europe), BIS (India), and Bluetooth (by BBQ labs). Very few Indian brands in our segment and category can claim to have these.

In the last three years, pTron has been known for bringing breakthrough and innovative mobile audio and lifestyle accessories to the Indian market. With easy access to industry-leading technology and world-class teams of designers and engineers through our solution partners globally, we are able to bring innovative and affordable products to the market much faster than our competitors. With BOM level access to components and PCBs, we are able to create and make new technologies accessible to our consumers even in this highly crowded market due to our trusted and reliable partnership with manufacturers with who we work with.

You have recently ventured into production in India. Could you comment on that and share your future plans to further this initiative? Our vertical capabilities in design engineering and manufacturing make it possible for us to delight the customers with amazing, affordable, and well-built products that disrupt the fast-paced mobility market.

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