Stylish Sport Commuter
Motor|July 2017


Dilip Vazirani

Despite the fierce sounding name of Warrior, there is nought fearsome about this member of the Demak family. Instead Demak’s Warrior 150 is such a sweet behaving bike that you’d soon want her in your stable. Just take the fierce sounding ‘Warrior’ out on the road and experience her gentler ways.

As low as 2 thousand revs - just a little above tickover (1500 revs) - the Warrior will smoothly and comfortably potter along at a so slow 30kmph in top gear, single up and on the level. This is often scooter zone; not many motorcycles engines are this keen to please, especially the engine of a sport bike as is the Warrior.

At 3 thou you are cruising at an easy unrushed 40 kmph, and at 4 thousand on the tacho you are flirting with 60 kmph on the road.

All the while you are wondering at the amazing tractability of the Demak 150cc motor. The ever willing engine is telling you it has more flexibility lower down the rev range if you want, or it has more horsepower and torque higher up the rev range if such is your desire. Higher up the rev range is where you would begin to experience her fierceness, the weapons of the Warrior. For information and interest: The Warrior’s tachometer is calibrated up to a daunting 12,500 rpm!

Going into the manufacturer’s tech specifications of this engine, this single cylinder has a bore (diameter) of 60.0mm with piston movement of 49.5mm each stroke. These are heavily oversquare proportions and one would, on paper specs, consider this in serious sport bike territory. With such heavily oversquare numbers an engine is usually peaky, the words flexible and tractable not anywhere near its mechanical language. Amazing, all the more then, the level of flexibility incorporated into this motor by the Demak engine designers. This engine, in common with the motors of the bigger Demak siblings, the Dart and Skyline GT, is dual-cooled, both air and oil cooling keeping the engine within comfortable operating temperatures.

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