Lefthander's New Truck Chassis
Circle Track|April 2017

Lefthander re-introduced its truck chassis thanks to budding interest in the midwest truck series.

Matt Panure

Ever since NASCAR introduced the Truck Series in 1995, there has been a roller coaster of interest in short-track Trucks nationwide. The general interest level may be on the upswing, partly due to the series that now exist around the county and the resurgence of the class in the Midwest.

Aside from the growing Truck count in races like the Midwest Truck Series, there appears to be a newfound interest from chassis manufacturers, too. Thelion’s share of the MTS chassis have been built by Pathfinder Chassis. Next season, you will also see an influx from Left hander Chassis and some machines by Hamke, as well.

Left hander decided to unveil its new (maybe more accurately called a re-introduced) Truck chassis at Dells Raceway Park’s Falloween 150 this October. Left hander has several Trucks in the series, but those chassis were built around 2010 and 2011, when the class also saw a spike in interest.

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