Vihangam Light- All Issues

Aimed at helping people discover their inner light of truth, Vihangam Light is a unique wellness magazine that covers a wide range of wellness topics ranging from physical fitness to yoga and pranayam techniques to providing solutions to emotional issues and finally spreading the light of spiritual knowledge. The monthly editions are complete with articles, personal experiences, wellness tips, lifestyle and diet recommendations and unique travel stories. One of the highlights of the magazine is its special ‘INSIGHT’ section that is an interview with an experienced professional who has been practicing the ancient art of Vihangam yoga for several years. The interview in a clear Q & A format offers practical solutions and suggestions to commonly faced personal, professional and social issues. From working women, to young adults, to health conscious individuals, to the spiritually inclined, to corporate professionals, to seekers – Vihangam Light has something for everyone. The magazine is currently published in English and has subscribers from across the globe.