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Indian Cuisine Image Credit: What's On Dubai
Indian Cuisine Image Credit: What's On Dubai

What To Eat: Modern Indian Cuisine

Four dishes you need to try

Indian menus can be intimidating. Without a tonne of familiarity, it’s easy to settle for perennial favourites like chicken korma and samosas. But playing it safe with Indian food is a huge mistake; it’s a country with 29 different states, each with its own signature dishes and cuisine. We’ve enlisted the help of celebrated chef Vikas Khanna to give us the lowdown of must-try Indian dishes, all available at his new restaurant, Kinara by Vikas Khanna at JA Lake View Hotel...

01. Tandoori salmon ‘The subtle flavours of wild salmon seasoned with roasted smoky layers of tandoori spices is very comforting. Each bite can be combined with mintcilantro chutney and radish salad. But, a touch of spicy passion fruit coulis brings it all together.’

Price: Dhs60

02. Dahi ke kebab

‘It takes a lot of effort to combine the flavours of lightly roasted hung yogurt and the crispy texture of kunafa crust. It is a real treat for the palate when these textures merge. Combining the filling with ginger and dates creates a great contrast of flavours.’

Price: Dhs50

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