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BI Polar Image Credit: Bear Hunting Magazine
BI Polar Image Credit: Bear Hunting Magazine

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Looking beyond politics and modern marketing, the polar bear is arguably the most stunning and majestic of all the bear species. Modern conservation through hunting is more critical than ever and also a bizarre adventure using dogs.

Frank Noska

I was fortunate, back in 2006, to be able to harvest a good polar bear in Resolute Bay, Nunavut, with my bow. That adventure and experience will always be one of my most memorable bow hunts. It is difficult for me to think of many hunts that can compare with the magnitude of a polar bear hunt. Luckily, that was back before the importation ban of polar bear trophies into the United States, so I have had the pleasure of enjoying my polar bear mount and reliving the memories of my 2006 hunt for many years. I have always had an inner desire to someday go after another polar bear with my bow.

When “the” email came into my iPhone while I was driving around in my hometown of Wasilla, Alaska, it got my attention, to say the least. The words, DEEPLY DISCOUNTED POLAR BEAR HUNT, were music to my ears, or I guess I should say a pleasure to read. This particular email really got me thinking. I knew this hunt would not last long. Acting quickly, I got on the phone and told them I was in!

The anticipation leading up to this bow hunt was intense once again, just as it was back on my 2006 hunt. The planning, researching quality gear, and working out the hunt logistics for this arctic adventure are things that I love. Just traveling to polar bear country is an adventure and commitment in itself. From my hom

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